How to Master the Art of Drunvalo 2018 Meditation

Are you ready to embark on a spiritual journey like no other? Look no further than Drunvalo Melchizedek’s groundbreaking meditation techniques. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of meditating Drunvalo style, allowing you to tap into the depths of your consciousness and unlock limitless potential. So grab a cushion, get comfortable, and let’s dive into the world of Drunvalo 2018 meditation!

Step by Step Guide to Drunvalo 2018 Meditation

Step 1: Find a quiet and peaceful space where you won’t be disturbed. This could be a cozy corner of your home or even a serene spot in nature.

Step 2: Get into a comfortable seated position, either on the floor with your legs crossed or on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Make sure your spine is straight and your body is relaxed.

Step 3: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to release any tension or stress. Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale, allowing it to become your anchor in the present moment.

Step 4: Bring your attention to your heart center, located in the middle of your chest. Imagine a beautiful, glowing light radiating from this space, filling your entire body with love and compassion.

Step 5: Begin to visualize a golden sphere of light descending from above, entering through the top of your head, and settling in your heart center. Feel the warmth and energy of this sphere encompassing your being.

Step 6: As you continue to breathe deeply, allow this golden sphere to expand, filling your body, mind, and spirit with pure divine energy. Feel yourself becoming one with this universal force.

Step 7: Stay in this state of deep meditation for as long as you feel comfortable, allowing yourself to explore the depths of your consciousness and connect with your higher self.

Step 8: When you are ready to come out of your meditation, slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings. Take a few more deep breaths and gently open your eyes, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Essential things you should know about Drunvalo 2018 meditation

  • Connection with Higher Self: Drunvalo 2018 meditation allows you to establish a deep connection with your higher self, unlocking your true potential and gaining spiritual insights.
  • Healing and Balance: Through this meditation practice, you can access inner healing and restore balance to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Multidimensional Experience: Drunvalo 2018 meditation takes you on a journey beyond this reality, allowing you to explore different dimensions of existence and expand your consciousness.

Tips for an Enhanced Drunvalo 2018 Meditation Experience

  • Set an Intention: Before starting your meditation, set a clear intention for what you wish to achieve or experience during your practice.
  • Use Sacred Geometry: Visualize sacred geometric shapes, such as the Flower of Life or the Merkaba, to enhance your connection with higher realms.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistency is key when it comes to deepening your meditation practice. Aim for daily sessions to reap maximum benefits.
  • Experiment with Music: Explore different types of soothing and calming music or sounds that resonate with your soul, enhancing your meditation experience.
  • Journal Your Insights: Keep a journal nearby to jot down any profound insights or messages that come to you during and after your meditation practice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drunvalo 2018 Meditation

Q1: Can anyone practice Drunvalo 2018 meditation?

A1: Absolutely! This meditation technique is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. It simply requires an open mind and a willingness to dive deep into your inner self.

Q2: How long should I meditate for?

A2: The duration of your meditation practice is entirely up to you. Start with shorter sessions, such as 10-15 minutes, and gradually increase as you become more comfortable.

Q3: Do I need any prior experience to practice this meditation?

A3: No prior experience is necessary. Drunvalo 2018 meditation is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike, offering a unique and transformative journey for all.

Q4: Can I incorporate other meditation techniques alongside Drunvalo 2018 meditation?

A4: Absolutely! Feel free to combine Drunvalo’s techniques with other meditation practices, such as mindfulness or guided visualization, to create a bespoke meditation practice that resonates with you.

Q5: What if my mind wanders during meditation?

A5: It’s perfectly normal for your mind to wander during meditation. When you notice this happening, gently bring your focus back to your breath or your heart center, allowing any thoughts to simply pass by.

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Embarking on a spiritual journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience. Drunvalo 2018 meditation offers a unique approach to unlocking your spiritual potential and connecting with your higher self. So why not give it a try? Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let the magic unfold.

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