Does Mind Control Work On Goku?

Yes, you’ve read that right! We are diving into the thrilling world of Dragon Ball Z to answer the burning question – Does Mind Control Work On Goku? Join us as we explore the depths of Goku’s incredible power and examine whether he can truly resist the influence of mind control.

The Answer

In short, mind control does not work on Goku. His unparalleled willpower and indomitable spirit make him resistant to any attempts at manipulation. Goku possesses a level of mental strength that surpasses conventional human limits, making it nearly impossible for anyone to gain control over his mind.

Goku’s pure-heartedness and unwavering sense of justice act as a shield against any external forces seeking to control him. His extensive training and numerous battles have honed his mind to be impervious to manipulation. Even when faced with the most powerful mind-controlling abilities, Goku’s determination and loyalty to his friends always prevail.

Things You Should Know

  • Goku’s Saiyan Bloodline: Goku is a Saiyan, a warrior race known for their incredible strength and ability to push past their limits. Saiyans possess a natural resilience against mind control, allowing them to resist external influences.
  • The Power of Super Saiyan: When Goku taps into the legendary power of the Super Saiyan transformation, his mental fortitude increases exponentially. This heightened mental state provides an additional layer of protection against mind control.
  • The Power of Friendship: Goku’s deep bond with his friends and loved ones is a crucial factor in his resistance to mind control. The love and support he receives from others strengthen his resolve, making it even more challenging for external forces to manipulate him.


  • Focus on Mental Training: Just like Goku, you can improve your resistance to mind control by engaging in mental exercises such as meditation, visualization, and mindfulness.
  • Strengthen Bonds with Loved Ones: Surrounding yourself with a strong support network of friends and family can help reinforce your mental defenses.
  • Cultivate a Sense of Purpose: Having a clear sense of purpose and values can help you stay grounded and resilient against external influences.
  • Embrace Positive Affirmations: Repeat positive affirmations daily to reinforce your self-belief and strengthen your mental resilience.
  • Stay Informed: Keeping yourself educated about different mind control techniques can help you recognize and protect yourself against potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone successfully mind control Goku?

A: No, Goku’s exceptional mental strength and Saiyan heritage make it extremely difficult for anyone to gain control over his mind. Even the most powerful mind-controlling abilities have failed to manipulate him.

Q: Has Goku ever been under mind control in Dragon Ball Z?

A: While Goku has faced various formidable opponents, including those with mind-controlling abilities, he has never succumbed to their influence. His willpower and love for his friends always prevail.

Q: Are there any instances where Goku’s mind has been compromised?

A: While Goku remains resistant to external mind control, there have been moments where his mind has been clouded by anger or rage. However, these instances are a result of his emotions rather than external manipulation.

Q: Can mind control work on other characters in Dragon Ball Z?

A: While some characters in Dragon Ball Z have been susceptible to mind control, such as Vegeta under Babidi’s influence, Goku remains an exception. His mental strength sets him apart from many other characters in the series.

Q: How does Goku’s mind control resistance contribute to his role as a hero?

A: Goku’s ability to resist mind control reinforces the idea of him being a true hero. He serves as a symbol of strength, resilience, and unwavering values in the face of adversity.

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Now that you know the truth about mind control and Goku, you can appreciate his unwavering strength and the importance of mental fortitude. So, embrace your own inner Goku and stand strong against anything that tries to manipulate your mind!

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